Minibus 13 Seater

Toyota Hiace

Minibus Limousine 13 Seater

Luxurious and reliable. It can seat up to 13 adult passengers so comfortably. A popular choice for those who have a lot of luggage. Because this is a high roof minibus limousine, the rear compartment can accommodate up to 10 big luggages.

Have a bulky item or bicycles? This 13 seater minibus limousine is very versatile and so useful in bulk transfers. Seats could be folded forward to make extra room for your bulky items or bicycles. Our friendly and service orientated driver will be more than happy to assist you in it.  Our minibus limousine drivers need to be prepared for it though, therefore let us know in advance if you are doing bulk transfers.

Excellent for large family or group wanting to travel together instead of taking 2 different maxi cabs. You have to agree that travelling as a group together is much more fun. In this way, you will not have to wait for one another. As a result of it, you could waste a lot of precious time.

Browse through our competitive rates and the type of service. If you are planning to visit multiple attraction sites in a day and do not want the hassle of changing to different maxi cab every single time, then going for our hourly charter would make more practical sense.

Impressive as it may seem, this minibus limousine has a minor limitation. As it is a high roof minibus, it might not be able to enter some basement carparks. Do let us know the height clearance of your basement carpark and we will advise you accordingly.

Toyota Hiace Minibus

Seating Capacity

Luggage Capacity

One Way Transfer

Airport Arrival

Airport Departure

Hourly Charter (Min 3 Hours)

6 Hour Special


Prices may subject to change without prior notice.

All prices are in Singapore Dollars.

13 Passengers

10 Big Luggages with 9 Passengers






Additional Charges

  • Waiting Time Charge – $10 For Every 15-Mins Block
  • Additional Stop Charge – $10 For Every 10km
  • Public Holiday / Super Peak Charge – $10
  • Destination More Than 30km Charge – $5 / $10
  • Alps Ave / Jurong Island / Tuas Location Charge – $10 / $20 / $30
  • Midnight Charge (2330hrs – 0559hrs) – $10

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