Maxi Cab Nightmare

Holiday Nightmare

Imagine being the key person in your family to plan the holiday. You go on google and start to research on the place you are visiting. Listing out an itinerary for the holiday, the last thing you got to do is book a maxi cab for tomorrow morning trip to the airport. You have never ever book a maxi cab and so simply google for the maxi cab booking hotline or contact. You clicked on the first advertisement you see and decided to book the maxi cab from them. After that you joined in the rest of your family to bed, anxiously excited for the family holiday.

The next morning, everyone is ready and waiting for the maxi cab to arrived at your house lobby. It’s 5 in the morning and still no sign of the maxi cab that you booked the night earlier. You tried calling the number you called the night before and there is no answer. Thirty minutes had passed and everyone is still at the lobby. Everyone getting worried and start asking you questions. Looks like the maxi cab you booked will not turned up. Everyone then starts to call out for a maxi cab but every single number they called are unable to get the maxi cab for you. All maxi cabs are fully booked and have already being assigned out for their jobs.

This is the maxi cab nightmare. Your holiday has started out a hick up. Hence to help to prevent this from happening to you, we have written a short guide on what to look out for when making your maxi cab booking.

Free Website

By looking at the particular website, you can gauge if the maxi cab company is serious or not. Serious companies would invest in their website to look professional and customer friendly. Domain names should be their company or brand name and not the services they provide. For example, GOOGLE. Google is their brand name and you can easily find them through . You don’t see them using or .

Limo Maxi Cabs has its own website!

Free Email Account

Setting up free email account is anonymous. Thus it might be used by casual people who want to conduct their business undisclosed as they need not register their details under a domain name. A company with their own email domain name would likely be more professional and serious about their business.

We at Limo Maxi Cabs, can always be contacted at

Lower Price

Do not be tricked into advertised prices that are too good to be true. Some maxi cab companies would advertise prices below the usual rate just to get you to click their website or contact them. Even if the prices are true, it may come at a different cost to you in another way. Chances of you getting bad quality service is very high. For a few dollars difference, compromising on this does not make much practical sense. Moreover you are already spending money on flight tickets, accommodation and insurance.

It is not in the culture of Limo Maxi Cabs to undercut prices as we do not compromise quality over quantity. We always believe that when our maxi cab drivers are happy, our customers would naturally be too.

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