Maxi Cab Booking Process

Maxi cab booking process is very simple and easy but need to be done properly. In order to make the maxi cab booking a breeze, we have written a guide on how to book for a maxi cab.

Methods of Booking

There are many ways for you to book your maxi cab with us. We understand the difficulties faced when there is language or geographical differences. Thus we have arrange alternative ways which you can contact us to make your maxi cab booking. Here at Limo Maxi Cabs, we accept booking through the following methods.

Contact Person & Details

This is especially important if you are arranging a maxi cab pick up for your guest or boss. Please let us know his or her name with contact number. Rest assured that our driver will locate and send them to their destination safely.

Types of Maxi Cab

One of the important things to note is to inform our agent the number of passengers and luggage you have. This is to avoid booking for the wrong type of maxi cab. You would not want to be held up because of this. In order to appreciate the maxi cab, having enough space is very important. In our disposable, we have 7 and 13 seater maxi cab at your service.

Service Type

We offer different types of maxi cab service. Our agents will be able to advise you which service is suitable and cost saving to you. For example, if you are intending to go to multiple locations during a period, it is best to go for hourly charter basis rather than multiple one way transfer. This will be more cost saving for you. Below are the types of service that we offer.

  • Airport Arrival
  • Airport Departure
  • One Way Transfer
  • Hourly Charter
  • Charter to Malaysia

Flight Details (For Airport Arrival Only)

If you are making a maxi cab booking for Airport Arrival, please let us know your flight number and the date of arrival. In this way, we are able to monitor your flight. Do not worry if your flight is being delay, for we will be notified on it. No matter how long the delay is, we will honour the booking and our driver will be there to pick you up.

Pick Up Address

Let us know your exact pick up address to avoid any miscommunication. There are certain roads in Singapore that sound similar but they are far apart! If your pick up point is the basement of your property, kindly highlight it to us. This is because our 13 seater maxi cab is a high roof. Therefore, if there is any height limitation of the basement, we will advise you accordingly.


Letting us know your destination would help us in dispatching any incoming jobs to our drivers. Our drivers will also be mentally prepared for the journey. In addition, our driver will be able to plan the route well for your safe and smooth journey.


Please take note that your maxi cab booking is only confirmed when we send you a confirmation through email or your contact number. So do let us know if you have not received a confirmation from us after making a booking.

Maxi Cab Booking Hotline : (+65) 98300896

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