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Meaning of Maxi Cab

Maxi Cab Holiday

What is a Maxi Cab?

What is a maxi cab? Maxicab in Singapore generally refers to any vehicles with passenger capacity higher than a conventional car and is offering paid transportation services. They can come in various capacities, ranging from 6 seaters to 13 seaters.


Maxi cab used to be chartered only to hotels and airport. But with more larger families nowadays, the usage for maxi cab has branched out and demand for it has increased over the years. From providing rides to and from the airport to being used for transportation of bulky items.


The cost of maxi cab service is definitely higher than conventional taxis. One has to evaluate whether they really need a maxi cab or not. Well if you can afford it, why not? Pamper yourself to a more comfortable and luxurious ride to the airport.



Your Ride

Seating Capacity

Luggage Capacity

One Way Transfer

Airport Arrival

Airport Departure

Hourly Charter (Min 3 Hours)

6 Hour Special

$55 - $65

Mercedes Benz Viano

7 Seater

7 Passengers

6 Big Luggage

$55 - $65


$55 - $65



$65 - $75

Toyota Hiace Minibus

9 / 13 Seater

13 Passengers

10 Big Luggage with 9 Passengers

$65 - $75

$75 - $85

$65 - $75




VIP Minibus

Free WIFI included

13 Passengers

10 Big Luggage with 9 Passengers








Maxi Cab Booking Hotline : (+65) 98300896

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