Maxi Cab Flat Rate Pricing

Maxi cab bookings usually are by flat rate pricing. A flat rate, also referred to as a flat fee, refers to a pricing structure that charges a single fixed fee for a service. Here we will share you the benefits of flat rate pricing.

Faster Job Completion

One incentive of a flat rate pricing model is that flat fees reward productivity. When we are paid a flat rate for completing a service, we naturally would complete the job efficiently. Indirectly this would benefit you. Driver would take the most fastest and safest route for the journey. This is because the driver can make more money by having more time to perform more services. Taxi meter or hourly pricing for services does not reward productivity. The driver is charging you by the distance and time to take you to your destination. The more distance and time he covers, the more income he gets.

Traffic Jam Don’t Matter

When an unexpected accident happens and holds up traffic, this would mean a delay to get to your destination. A traffic jam is the last thing you want when you are on taxi meter or hourly pricing. No matter how long the driver took to get you to your destination, you will only be charged the flat fee amount that you have agreed on.

Transparency in Pricing

Ever heard of your friend’s friend being charged exorbitant prices for their ride. With flat rate pricing, you are aware of the charges beforehand. You can easily decide whether you can afford it or not. You will also be mentally prepared to pay the amount. There will be no shocking prices at the end of the service. Spare yourself the cardiac arrest!

No Additional Surcharges

There will be no additional surcharges during your trip. Parking and ERP charges are already included in the flat rate pricing. A good deal especially if your destination is in the Central Business District (CBD) during peak hours.

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